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Whether we like it or not, physicals are a part of life when you play sports. While it may seem like a simple, routine process to non-athletes, they can seem confusing to parents and young athletes. When you’re looking for sports physicals in Killeen or Harker Heights, TX, Freedom Urgent Care is here to help. But why get one? There are a few reasons why it’s crucial to get one every season.

What is a Sports Physical?

Sports physicals are incredibly important for young athletes’ health and safety both on and off the field. Sports physicals are known as pre-participation physical exams (PPE). These are used to determine whether or not a young athlete is healthy enough to take part safely in sports. They can also help determine whether or not it’s safe to perform other physical activities, such as marathon running or intense weight lifting. In many states, sports physicals are required before student-athletes can compete in their sport of choice.

What to Expect During Sports Physicals in Killeen and Harker Heights

There are two main aspects to a sports physical—the medical history review and the physical exam. Your doctor will review your medical history with you to identify any areas of concern and to discuss things like previous injuries and medical conditions that may be prohibitive to sports. During your medical history review, your doctor may ask about:

  • Previous illness or serious illnesses in family members.
  • Chronic illnesses, such as asthma, diabetes, or epilepsy.
  • Previous injuries, hospitalizations, or surgeries.
  • Allergies.
  • Past issues with physical activity such as fainting, dizziness, chest pains, or trouble breathing.
  • Your current medications (both over the counter and prescribed).

The physical examination is the longest part of any sports physical. It covers a range of wellness checks to ensure your student-athlete is healthy and safe to play sports. The physical exam starts with a basic examination of your vitals, including blood pressure, heart rate, height, and weight. Similar to what you experience during a regular doctor’s visit.

The remainder of the exam applies more to the physical demands of sports and their impact on your body. Your doctor will perform a series of different exams to make sure there are no areas of concern that need addressing and to make sure you’re of good physical health to play. During this part of your exam, your doctor will:

  • Perform an eye exam to check your vision and make recommendations for changes.
  • Evaluate your reflexes, joints, strength, and flexibility, as well as range of motion.
  • Check your heart, lungs, abdomen, ears, nose, and throat for signs of physical limitations.

The physical examination helps the doctor identify any areas of concern that might lead to reduced performance, areas that may be prone to injury, and any health concerns require addressing. The ultimate goal of sports physicals in Killeen and Harker Heights, TX, is to ensure the health of Texas athletes. We do this by providing each patient with suggestions on how they can maintain their safety, improve their health, and build a stronger body.

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