If it’s your child’s first time getting a physical, it can help to understand more about the process.

Summer has officially arrived. And, as life continues to return to a sense of normalcy, young people are going outdoors and enjoying some of their favorite activities. For many kids, it’s a time to join up with sports teams to participate in competitive games with others. But, when it comes to many of these recreational sports, athletes need to pass physical examinations to make sure they are ready to play. If it’s your child’s first time getting a physical, it can help to understand more about the process. Learn more about the sports physicals Freedom Urgent Care provides in Killeen, Texas. And find out why these examinations are important for kids who plan to play competitive sports.

What Makes Sports Physicals Important for Killeen Athletes?

For many kids, sports activities provide a variety of benefits that can have a positive influence on a young person’s life. They can learn important life skills such as self-discipline, decisiveness, and teamwork. In addition, these activities can also promote healthier, more physically active lifestyles. Some kids may even go on to receive scholarships and other opportunities as a direct result of their time playing in a sports program. 

However, if a young person attempts to compete while they have underlying health issues, it can create a serious cause for concern. For example, a child who suffers from asthma might aggravate their condition with intense athletic activity. And children who take certain medications may not realize how these medicines can interfere with their ability to safely compete. For these reasons, sports physicals are often required for kids in Killeen who intend to participate. By reviewing their health backgrounds and evaluating their physical health, medical professionals help to ensure that athletes are ready to safely engage in these activities. 

The Process

The physical exam includes a questionnaire that is used to determine whether athletes have any current or past health issues that could impact their safety. This includes questions about whether they have had procedures that required staying overnight in a hospital within the last year. Athletes must also let the examiner know what, if any, medications they may be taking. This includes over-the-counter medications, prescriptions, and even herbal health supplements. 

Past injuries must also be noted to make sure that the young person won’t be at risk for further injury while playing or practicing. You should disclose any history of family illnesses and incidents of dizziness or fainting.

For the physical examination, we also test physical wellness. This includes an examination of the nose, eyes, ears, throat, lungs, heart, and other important areas of the body. We evaluate joints, flexibility, and muscle strength. They will also measure blood pressure and heart rate.

Get Fast, Convenient Sports Physicals in Killeen With Freedom Urgent Care

Now that you know more about the process of sports physicals in Killeen, why not schedule an appointment? We encourage parents to check-in online for the fastest care. However, walk-ins are always welcome. Start the sports season off right this summer with sports physicals from Freedom Urgent Care!