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As COVID continues, everyone is continuing to take extra care of their health. But that being said, what do you know about the health care facilities in your area? Do you know what to do even for the smallest cold? If you have a minor injury or illness, it’s important to visit our urgent care in Killeen, TX. Discover exactly how we can help you and check-in as soon as you need us.

COVID-19 Testing

Just because everything is slowly going back to normal, it doesn’t mean that COVID-19 is stopping in its tracks. Because we want to continue to do our part, we offer COVID tests to those who qualify. 

Currently, our locations can offer you rapid tests so you can get back to what you need to do quicker. And it’s all pretty simple. Don’t know if you qualify? Check-in online, schedule a virtual visit, or walk-in and call ahead. It is important to note that while we do accept walk-ins, we highly encourage our patients to utilize our online check-in for further protection.

And for those looking to see if they already had COVID, we also offer antibody tests. Unfortunately, even if you do, we do not know if this means you are immune to the virus. But it could help for research purposes or for your own knowledge.

Physicals and More

In addition to COVID testing, we also treat patients experiencing a number of symptoms and conditions. Some of these involve the flu, throat pain, sprains, eye problems, vomiting, and more. However, for more serious injuries or illnesses—such as a broken bone—it’s best to go to the nearest emergency room instead.

It’s important to know that we also cover physicals. Physical examination helps determine the general status of your health. This also allows you to have a talk with a medical professional about any ongoing pain or symptoms or any other health concerns. Feel free to ask us about the physicals we offer so we can help you at our urgent care in Killeen, TX.

Employer Services

Did you know that we offer occupational medicine services? That’s right, we offer an affordable health care alternative to employers. Some of the services we offer include injury treatments, immunization programs, drug and alcohol tests, and physical exams. This is all so your employees can stay healthy, and your business can continue to thrive. If you want to know more about our services, give us a call. We’re more than happy to help you at our urgent care in Killeen, TX.

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Are you in need of some medical attention? We are more than happy to help. Check-in at Freedom Urgent Care today in Killeen, TX to begin feeling better in no time!